• Hazardous Materials Compliance

    Any project or property working with hazardous materials must comply with local, state, and federal regulations. Golden State offers businesses Hazardous Material Compliance services.

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  •  Land-Use Planning

    Golden State Planning experts draft and execute planning applications ranging from Zoning Clearances to Conditional Use Permits. This service aims to exceed expectations while meeting the unique standards of each ordinance model.

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  • State Licensing

    Our Regulatory Experts provide licensing application services for the top cannabis regulating agencies. This service includes application development and submission, SOP construction, and engagement with the relevant regulatory agencies on behalf of the licensee. 

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  • ​​​Advocacy

      Golden State is a voice for client ambitions, amplifying their message to influence change. From championing awareness campaigns for local support and representing clients to decision makers to building non-partisan coalitions, our advisors have mastered the political landscape
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A strategic blend of compliance expertise and political advocacy.

Golden State is comprised of state and local policy, planning, code, and regulatory specialists committed to guiding private industries through government rules and regulations with the aim of opening and operating profitably. 

​Our experts support projects from initial planning through development, and serve as advocates on the local, state, and federal level. 



Quality and ethical ​​engagement​ ​​on ​​behalf ​​of our clients ​while supporting a just and environmentally sustainable California. ​