Joining Steve and Nick on air is Tom Nolasco, Director of Legal and Strategic Initiatives for the National Association of Cannabis Businesses (NACB), to talk cannabis industry standards and why they're so important.
Alex Traverso, Assistant Chief of Communications at the Bureau of Cannabis Control (and Sonoma County native) calls in to discuss the BCC's newest campaign to combat the illicit cannabis market. The BCC has launched "Get #WeedWise" as an educational platform to spearhead legal cannabis.
George Christie, Founder and President of the Wine Industry Network (WIN) talks about the Wine and Weed Symposium, an all day event dedicated to two of California's largest ag-industries.
Hemp is getting a green light. This June, following months of speculation, the USDA issued a memorandum to clarify misgivings surrounding the crop after the 2018 Farm Bill was signed.
Amy O’gorman Jenkins, Senior Policy Director for the CCIA joins Nick and Steve to talk policy. While there are a lot of exciting developments stirring in cannabis legislation, one of the most pertinent is the negotiations around the State Budget.