Étienne Fontán, a combat veteran, joins CannaBiz. After the Gulf War, cannabis became Étienne’s alternative to morphine as he healed from injuries. He has since made it his mission to change the perspectives and laws limiting cannabis consumption.
Taking on CannaBiz with Nick Caston and Steve Jaxon is Dr. Tim Shu, the Founding Veterinarian and CEO of Vet CBD. The California-based company creates products that provide relief for anxiety, nausea, epilepsy, arthritis, and other conditions pets face.
Exciting news may be on the horizon for legal cannabis. It seems the legislative trend making way state by state has a direct line to federal legality, according to Oregon Congressman, Earl Blumenauer, in a memo sent to House Democratic Leadership.
Listen Now! Joining Nick Caston and Steve Jaxon on The Drive with Steve Jaxon’s “CannaBiz” is Peter Rumble, CEO of the Santa Rosa Metro Chamber, an organization that embraces cannabis as an emerging industry in Sonoma County.

Last Friday, the cannabis regulating agencies, in particular the Bureau of Cannabis Control (BCC), released a series of changes to the proposed regulations first presented in July. During this fifteen day comment period, businesses are grappling with these propositions and what they mean for their b...