City Council and Cannabis Subcommittee member Ernesto Olivares and California Hispanic Chamber of Commerce member Marcos Suarez discuss the importance of Latino representation in Santa Rosa.
Anyone working in cultivation is considered a farm laborer, and farm labor comes with its own set of rules and requirements - even when the labor is contracted.
Cannabis industry regs are the gift that won’t quit giving (no matter how much you ask), and cannabis compliance testing requirements, issued by the BCC in the recently adopted regulations, have been some of the toughest hurdles for businesses to navigate.
Morgan Fox, Media Relations Director for the National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA) returns to CannaBiz to discuss the NCIA’s Quarterly Cannabis Caucus and the state of cannabis following the government shut down.
S. 1152 would prohibit any Federal Banking Regulators from posing retributions or threats on a financial institution for engaging with cannabis businesses. This would allow members across the supply chain to safely open accounts and credit.
Lauren Funaro joined Steve again in the studio to welcome Jigar Patel, President of the NorCal Cannabis Company. Jigar discusses the company’s development, expansion, and unique role as a vertically integrated business.
Phoning in from Los Angeles, Chris Sayegh, founder of The Herbal Chef (cleverly acronymed to THC), discusses his cannabis-infused cuisine and the craft of providing consumers with an experience that is unique, enjoyable, and safe.
Wayne Richman, Executive Director of the California Hemp Association (CHA) and the California Hemp Foundation (CHF) which sponsors Hemp Farmers in order to properly study the farming, processing, and other aspects of development to ensure safety and certainty in hemp products.
Erin Douglas of Santa Rosa Metro Chambers Young Professionals Network (YPN) and CannaCraft’s Cheriene Griffith joined Steve and Lauren Funaro, filling in for Nick, to talk about why Santa Rosa's programs embrace the cannabis industry, and more importantly, how to ensure it thrives.
Pete Foppiano sits in for Steve as he and Nick speak with Kristin Nevedal, chair of the International Cannabis Farmers Association (ICFA), a group that empowers traditional cannabis farmers through education, research, and advocacy.
Guest of the day is Morgan Fox from the NCIA, the nation’s largest cannabis-focused group, which advocates for federally legal and regulated commercial cannabis. Calling in from their office in D.C., Morgan discusses how the government shutdown affects the cannabis industry.
Nick and Steve welcome Brian Applegarth, Founder and President of the California Cannabis Tourism Association (CCTA), a group dedicated to helping travel/tourism industries and bureaus integrate cannabis into their business models.
The legal cannabis industry’s first fully regulated year ended in a sprint. With the ability to issue temp licenses ending on January 1st, businesses rushed to submit, rapidly increasing the amount of active permits.
Pete Foppiano and Nick meet with Ronit Taggart from Sonoma Patient Group and Clare Hartman of the SR Planning Division to discuss an exciting feat. SPG was the first cannabis dispensary to be approved for on-site cannabis consumption in Santa Rosa.
The United States signed itself into history on December 20th 2018, by federally legalizing hemp with the 2018 Farm Bill. Take a look at the possibilities and regulations behind the newest legal crop.
A full house joined Nick and Steve in the CannaBiz studio . Terry Garrett of GO LOCAL and Gretchen Giles and Erin Gore of Garden Society discuss cannabis' huge impact on the local economy!
After a quick stall, the proposed regs for the top three cannabis agencies were submitted to the Office of Administrative Law (OAL) for review. Once their review is complete, the BCC, CDPH, and CDFA will release the official version of the regular regulations they have been refining since July
Nick and Steve got the chance to host a two-for-one segment, including Tim Blake, founder of the Emerald Cup, and Adrian Devitt-Lee, contributing writer for Project CBD.
Known as "The Opulent Chef," Mike Magallanes is a trained San Francisco Chef who has mastered the art of cannabis infusion.
Like our previous post North Bay Commercial Cannabis Taxes that Passed the Ballot, Golden State digs into the new cannabis business taxations that will further develop the industry’s infrastructure on the Central Coast.