SB 67, the short term solution for the CDFA's backlog of temporary licenses, has finally passed through the Senate. The bill introduces new language to the law that will allow the agency to extend temp license lifespans.
City Council and Cannabis Subcommittee member Ernesto Olivares and California Hispanic Chamber of Commerce member Marcos Suarez discuss the importance of Latino representation in Santa Rosa.
Anyone working in cultivation is considered a farm laborer, and farm labor comes with its own set of rules and requirements - even when the labor is contracted.
Cannabis industry regs are the gift that won’t quit giving (no matter how much you ask), and cannabis compliance testing requirements, issued by the BCC in the recently adopted regulations, have been some of the toughest hurdles for businesses to navigate.
Morgan Fox, Media Relations Director for the National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA) returns to CannaBiz to discuss the NCIA’s Quarterly Cannabis Caucus and the state of cannabis following the government shut down.