Nick and Steve welcome Brian Applegarth, Founder and President of the California Cannabis Tourism Association (CCTA), a group dedicated to helping travel/tourism industries and bureaus integrate cannabis into their business models.
The legal cannabis industry’s first fully regulated year ended in a sprint. With the ability to issue temp licenses ending on January 1st, businesses rushed to submit, rapidly increasing the amount of active permits.
Pete Foppiano and Nick meet with Ronit Taggart from Sonoma Patient Group and Clare Hartman of the SR Planning Division to discuss an exciting feat. SPG was the first cannabis dispensary to be approved for on-site cannabis consumption in Santa Rosa.
The United States signed itself into history on December 20th 2018, by federally legalizing hemp with the 2018 Farm Bill. Take a look at the possibilities and regulations behind the newest legal crop.
A full house joined Nick and Steve in the CannaBiz studio . Terry Garrett of GO LOCAL and Gretchen Giles and Erin Gore of Garden Society discuss cannabis' huge impact on the local economy!