CannaBiz on The Drive with Steve Jaxon: Alex Traverso, BCC "Get #WeedWise"

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07.30.19 02:46 PM Comment(s)

CannaBiz on The Drive with Steve Jaxon: Listen Now!

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Alex Traverso, Assistant Chief of Communications at the Bureau of Cannabis Control (and Sonoma County native) calls in to discuss the BCC's newest campaign to combat the illicit cannabis market. The BCC has launched "Get #WeedWise" as an educational platform to spearhead legal cannabis.


The threat of illegal cannabis is more than an economic issue. As regulations ensure that licensed businesses consistently produce safe flower and product, the black market uses unapproved growing and manufacturing techniques, providing consumers with a product that is untested and likely harmful. Cannabis products that have not been monitored could have pesticides, metal, and even animal or human waste.


Traverso says that "Get #WeedWise" is the second step in an agency wise crack down on the illicit market. His hope is that by educating the public, consumers will support the growing legal industry.

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