CannaBiz on The Drive with Steve Jaxon: Amy O'gorman Jenkins, Cannabis Budget Policy

Golden State Government Relations
06.10.19 03:32 PM Comment(s)

CannaBiz on The Drive with Steve Jaxon: Listen Now!

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Amy O’gorman Jenkins, Senior Policy Director for the California Cannabis Industry Association (CCIA) joins Nick and Steve to talk policy. While there are a lot of exciting developments stirring in cannabis legislation, one of the most pertinent is the negotiations around the State Budget. Whichever cannabis budget proposal is chosen will be signed by July 1st to kickstart the fiscal year, and shape the industry’s economic future.

In creating policy, representatives heavily use Budget Trailer Bills. This language is drafted to actually implement the funding. For the cannabis industry, Trailer Bills have become a mechanism to adjust policy or address issues. A big focus this year will be creating avenues for the legal industry to take the black market to bat. The hope is to limit barriers for businesses to qualify for licenses and promote equity. While there currently aren’t tax reduction recommendations, Amy hopes that the need will soon be addressed.

We are on the verge of a tipping point, with more congressmembers and supporting organizations acknowledging the importance of a financial shift. Luckily, we have representatives like Amy working every day to create a secure and viable industry

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