CannaBiz on the Drive with Steve Jaxon: Ernesto Olivares

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11.20.18 03:52 PM Comment(s)
Ernesto Olivares

CannaBiz on the Drive with Steve Jaxon: Listen Now!

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Ernesto Olivares, a member of the Santa Rosa City Council and Chair of the Cannabis Subcommittee, joined Nick and Steve in the studio to discuss the city’s cannabis program.

The biggest successes in crafting the policies governing cannabis businesses, according to Ernesto, stem from months of collaboration and transparency with the community.

Since Measure O was voted in to add a temporary 1/4th sales tax on Santa Rosa Businesses, the council must carefully determine where these added funds will go to positively impact these businesses and the city as a whole.

For now, that means reflection on what has and can still be done. The city wants to be sensitive to the cannabis businesses that have already put in so much time and money toward obtaining the proper licenses and permits needed. As we head into the new year, the council predicts a growing cannabis program and stronger industry.

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