CannaBiz on The Drive With Steve Jaxon: Chair Malia Cohen

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04.18.19 02:00 PM Comment(s)

CannaBiz on The Drive with Steve Jaxon: Listen Now!

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It was an honor to have Chair Malia Cohen, recently elected to the Board of Equalization, call in to discuss cannabis, structural taxation issues with the industry, and her previous work to overturn past cannabis criminal convictions in San Francisco. 

Chair Cohen has worked for years creating programs that are equitable, fair, and oriented around local community growth. Prior to joining the Board of Equalization, she spent 8 years on the Board of Supervisors. In that role, she worked alongside other leaders to revisit cannabis convictions, eventually expunging 9,362 felony and misdemeanor cases, which had disproportionately affected People of Color during the War On Drugs. Along with this she put together an Equity Program dedicated to developing the individuals and communities impacted by those convictions. 

As for property taxation, it is too early to tell whether cannabis on property will become an asset or a liability. The industry is working around some of the heaviest tax requirements in only its second year of legalization, and it is going to take time and a regulatory shift to find leveled ground for businesses hoping to thrive. 

This and more is why the Board aims to maintain that link between community members and their leaders, holding true to one of our founding principles "No Taxation without Representation."

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