CannaBiz on The Drive with Steve Jaxon: Erich Pearson, SPARC

Golden State Government Relations
05.17.19 12:52 PM Comment(s)

CannaBiz on The Drive with Steve Jaxon: 

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Erich Pearson started growing cannabis in ‘98, and became politically involved with the industry shortly after. Nearly a decade later, the first San Francisco Patient and Resource Center (SPARC) dispensary and consumption lounge opened its doors in 2009. They now own retail locations in the city and across Sonoma County!

Pearson joins Nick and Steve to discuss the challenges faced by cannabis businesses at the local and state level, and the wild ride SPARC took in the journey from Prop 215 to the licensed legal market. Having seen San Francisco develop as it has, he has confidence that more stringently regulated jurisdictions (like Sonoma County) will catch up with their neighbors.

In just two years of legalization, the cannabis industry has grown remarkably. Pearson is confident it will keep pushing forward.

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