CannaBiz on The Drive with Steve Jaxon: Jigar Patel, NorCal Cannabis Company

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02.28.19 10:46 AM Comment(s)
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CannaBiz on The Drive With Steve Jaxon: Listen Now!

Lauren Funaro joined Steve again in the studio to welcome Jigar Patel, President of the NorCal Cannabis Company. Jigar discusses the company’s development, expansion, and unique role as a vertically integrated business.

Vertical Integration is a business model often used in the cannabis industry to collaborate and support each other through financial blows and strict regulations. It describes the umbrella technique where one hosting company oversees other smaller companies operating on different levels of the supply chain. By housing everything under the same name, businesses can properly monitor operations. This ensures product consistency and financial backing.

NorCal Cannabis is continuing to expand into different jurisdictions, but Jigar calls Sonoma County home. While his business currently thrives in Santa Rosa due to the council’s willingness to embrace the industry, he would love to expand to the unincorporated County. While currently stigma and unreliability from the County’s end put that dream on pause, Jigar is hopeful for the future. And after building such a strong foundation with NorCal Cannabis, he has every reason to be! Listen now!

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