CannaBiz on the Drive with Steve Jaxon: The Difference Between Cannabis and Hemp

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CannaBiz on the Drive with Steve Jaxon: Listen Now! 

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What is the difference between cannabis and hemp? 

Dr. Jonathon Vaught is CEO and founder of Front Range Biosciences, an agricultural biotech cannabis production company born in Colorado and headed to California. Front Range currently focuses on cannabis, industrial hemp, and coffee cultivation. With this, Dr. Jon and his team have pioneered the cannabis Clean Stock Program with tissue culture, similar to other agricultural efforts that will certify products as virus free, guarantee no pesticides, and increase productivity for cannabis, hemp, and coffee alike. 

Jon answers the key question. What makes marijuana (cannabis) different than hemp? 


Turns out the answer is as much legal as it is scientific. Marijuana is classified as above .3 percent of THC, while hemp is less. This was decided years ago by politicians, not scientists. 

As far as the science goes, most of what we know is a myth: marijuana and hemp are both male AND female plants, and can crossbreed. Years of doing just that have led to the hybrid cannabis plants we have today. And much to Steve Jaxon, host of The Drive's  disappointment, smoking your crafted hemp shirt won't get you more than a coughing fit and pretty bad headache. 

Learn more about Front Range Biosciences and the science behind cannabis and hemp. Listen now! 


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