For all retail purchases, the type of use, initial product price, and mark-up rate as established by the California Department of Tax and Fee Administration (CDTFA), determine which tax applies and who owes what. So which, if any, affect samples?
It was an honor to have Chair Malia Cohen, recently elected to the Board of Equalization, call in to discuss cannabis, structural taxation issues with the industry, and her previous work to overturn past cannabis criminal convictions in San Francisco.
Mike Yates, President of Teamsters Local 665. The Union organization has a unique relationship with the cannabis industry, as it is one of the only business models required to enter into an agreement for organized labor.
City Council and Cannabis Subcommittee member Ernesto Olivares and California Hispanic Chamber of Commerce member Marcos Suarez discuss the importance of Latino representation in Santa Rosa.
S. 1152 would prohibit any Federal Banking Regulators from posing retributions or threats on a financial institution for engaging with cannabis businesses. This would allow members across the supply chain to safely open accounts and credit.