• Land-Use Planning.

We navigate the entitlement permitting process for clients seeking

to locate and develop new sites, relocate or expand operations. 

Getting through the web of zoning restrictions and land use regulations

while dealing with everything from sustainability and environmental 

concerns to transportation issues or local opposition can make or break 

a project. 

Our team has been part of some of the largest and most complex

deals in Californiaobtaining permits or approvals, dealing with planning and zoning issues,

and engaging with local and state decision-makers. 

Property Feasibility Study 

A feasibility study determines the various Use types a project could explore at a given property, including the jurisdictional and zone requirements. 

This service includes General Plan and Zoning Code analysis with recommendations on use types and rough timeline and risk assessment for the potential uses. 

Conditional Use Permitting

This service provides expert research and permitting resources for the activities leading up to and including an awarded Conditional Use or Minor Use Permit, including application development through the Design and Property Entitlements phases, application submission, and jurisdiction review. 

Zoning Clearance

Clearances verify that a proposed Use is permitted in the zoning district, and that the project complies with the development standards of the jurisdiction's  Zoning Code and General Plan. 

Land-Use Advocacy

Land-Use Advocacy serves clients that have submitted an application, are looking to submit an application, or in other ways are engaging with their local jurisdiction or appropriate agencies to strategize and implement the process leading to an awarded permit. 

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