Strategic Counsel 

Business - We build partnerships with our clients and provide them with a solid understanding of the process, the players and the politics so that together we can tailor a client specific government relations strategy to achieve your business goals and objectives.  Whether your organization is small or large, public or private, we will remove the barriers that can prevent your business from accomplishing your objectives.  We can map out ways projects can be scaled up, while identifying jurisdictional opportunities and providing the strategy necessary to compete effectively. 


Local Governments – Local governments in California often leave major sources of tax revenue for vital services on the table by not updating regulations and city ordinances. We advise local governments on creating business friendly environments that maximize tax revenue and alleviate local concerns and unfounded fears. We are able to effectively individualize services for each local government because we are well versed in the best practices and the needs of local governments and municipal agencies through the State and country.


Attorneys – We help lawyers keep up to date on cutting edge legislation. The California Legislature passes more legislation than any major legislative body in the country, and each law that passes carries with it a myriad of enforcement, compliance and legal issues. We specialize in advising lawyers on effective strategies to navigate new legal situations, so they can best serve their clients.

lady justice blindfolded holding a scale